Fito Páez speaks at FILBo 2017

July 19, 2017

The multi-talented Fito Páez came to FILBo 2017 and spoke about music, films, books and more as Ángela Forero-Aponte found out.

Bogotá’s 2017 International Book Fair has pleasantly surprised people. This year, some of the musicians and authors themselves came to Corferias to share their creative process and tell their stories.


We spoke to acclaimed Argentine musician, film director, and author of La Puta Diabla, Fito Páez.  Fito talked about his latest book, Diario de viaje, which includes many different anecdotes like the one about a dream he had on a trip to Puerto Rico, and the creative process behind songs like ‘Mariposa Tecnicolor’. Fito is upfront and authentic, and has no reservations when it comes to talking about music, politics, family, and love.  He gives a new meaning to what could be considered literature. When asked his opinion about the Nobel prize granted to Bob Dylan he said, “Dylan is not a musician making a leap into literature, Dylan IS literature.” 


Fito is not pretentious about his literary production; he accepts that writing definitely demands a writer to be rigorous, but he is also happy he wrote a diary this time. “Of course there are things that can’t be told, but the disease I suffered that year, my children, my dalliances…all of that is part of the diary,” explains Páez. “The flexibility is extraordinary, there are no rules. It is full freedom. I don’t have to explain myself to anybody, life is that insane!”


Páez said that producing music, film scripts, and books are equally difficult, but on music, his root as an artist, Fito wholeheartedly, and poetically explains, “Music is a whole different story, music takes you to the core of things, being in any corner of the world, with or without an instrument, and write whatever comes from your heart. Singing under the rain will do.”


Ángela Forero-Aponte The Bogota Post



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